What Sets Exhaust Systems apart from the competition?

I am Mitch Eidson the owner of Exhaust Systems Inc. Our doors have been opened for over 36 years, Exhaust Systems, Inc has been the top shop for custom exhaust work in the Rowan County area. We are experts in the exhaust system installation industry. Our 36 years in the exhaust installation arena has uniquely qualified us to perform custom installation on any vehicle.

We stand alone in our dedication and experience!

At Exhaust Systems have spent most of our lives installing and modifying exhaust systems and we are proud of it. From the early years of working with Midas until now has give us the confidence to guarantee that there is no one in the business that will care for your exhaust system installation to degree that we will. We’re proud to be the best.

It’s taken a lot of hard work and sweat but we are proud to say that we can stand on our reputation as experts in the field on exhaust system as well custom exhaust installations. We know that this reputation is on the line with every single vehicle that comes into our shop, so we make sure that every customer gets the same great service.

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We Love What We Do

The words below is how it all started for the owner Mitch Eidson and that is why he loves what he does.

I started hanging around Stiller’s muffler shop and salvage yard in 1967.  I was 10 years old. The mechanics had just retired so the salvage business was eliminated.  We just sold auto parts and installed exhaust systems from then on. The owner had 2,500 preform exhaust pipes and several hundred mufflers.  Then he purchased a brand new huth apple 1900 pipe bender. I taught myself on the bender because that was new technology then and everyone had to dive in and learn for themselves .

We had no lifts, air guns, or torch.  They would come later. We earned our money without this equipment. Business was very good because no one wanted to do that kind of tough work. When the owner died, just happened that Midas was

Opening a shop in kannapolis.  I was 16 and just got a car. I went down to see the new franchise owner for the Midas, for employment.  He looked up and pointed out in the shop at the pipe bender.  “Can you work that ?”  I said, “ that’s a huth 2007, sure I can work it”.  He stared at me and said, “you even know what kind it is…… you’re hired.  I stayed at the Midas

Thru high school and until my graduation at Catawba college. ( majored in business administration and economics)

After graduating, I was hired as a troubleshooter for Midas and traveled 13 states for them. I started new shops, trained management and installers. If a shop had a internal problem, I was sent to observe those situations. I really enjoyed this job but not the traveling.  After Midas I came back to Salisbury, deciding want a muffler shop of my own.